Solid floors

Strong, hard wearing and long lasting

Solid floors are solid choice

We cover the whole of Brighton and East Sussex and are specialists when it comes to solid floors. We work on both commercial and domestic properties and have a wide range of solid floor types available.

Solid floors are considered one of the most sort after features in our homes. Solid floors are a great investment that will last for years with very little or no maintenance.

Perfect for high traffic areas and busy homes with children due to the hardwearing surface and great look that can be achieved.

Built to last
Carpets can fade and look tired in a relatively short period of time if used in the wrong places. Wood or laminate flooring will out last carpets with half the amount of care.

You still need to look after both wood and laminate floors and watch out for spills and leaks that could cause them to warp and bubble, but on the whole they are a great flooring choice.

Low Maintenance
As well as being easy to maintain with a hoover or broom, solid floors also offer protection from dust mites and help fight against allergies. This is another thing to consider when selecting your flooring for your property.



  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Stairs
  • Office


Laminate floors are a great alternative to wooden floors, they give you the same great look and low maintenance of a solid wood floor without the higher cost.

They are durable and great for high traffic areas such as hallways and livings rooms as well as commercial uses like offices.

Real Wood

Real wood floors come with a few alternatives. You can choose from parquet, engineered wood or solid wood.

All will look great and help to create the look that you want to achieve. The extremely durable and hardwearing nature of a solid wood floor is what appeals to most customers. It creates a high end look with the practical day to day use and maintenance that most people look for in a floor.


Where to use

A solid floor such as laminate or real wood are perfect for a living room, office, bedroom or dining room. We would recommend against having them installed in areas with lots of moisture such as a bathroom or kitchen as this can cause them to warp and bubble when they come into prolonged contact with water.


Real wood floors come in many different looks and styles depending on the wood used. Laminate on the other hand is available in a much wider selection of colours, finishes and styles from a grey slate tile effect to a white bleached wood effect the possibilities are endless.

Caring for your floors

Solid hardwood floors are up there with the easiest of floors to maintain.

You can help to protect the look and feel of your floor with very simple maintenance such as sweeping and washing with soapy water or specialist wood floor cleaner.

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